Enter the Dragon with S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee Action Figure

By jayq - June 13, 2016

Bruce Lee Kastors KornerS.H. Figuarts makes the legendary action star Bruce Lee into a fully poseable action figure, 

This figure is created with top articulation technology that allows us to recreate all of Bruce Lee’s powerful and magnificent martial arts moves. Bandai’s unique digital printing technology helped to make the faces and expressions very life like. Not any company can make this action figure work. Good Smile tried and came very short on the benchmark set by S.H. Figuarts and Tamashii Nations.

Bruce Lee Kastors Korner 05This figure came packed with three extra heads, five sets of hands, a right hand with a thumbs up, nun-chucks, a bo staff, and two escrima sticks. All this in one package you say! Yes and with the hyper articulated poses you can recreate so many of Bruce Lee’s signature moves.

The hands and heads snap on with no issues. The figure holds all the poses you attempt to make and then some. The one pose that was hard to hold without the proper application of arm leverage was of him holding the nun-chuck under his arm. It took a while but I eventually got it. Watch any Bruce Lee movie and then hit pause and I assure you that you can recreate the pose just like the movie.

The price point for this figure is at about $50-$60 dollars on the web and he can possibly be found at your local comic shop through Bluefin Distributors. If you did not know about Bluefin, they handle the Bandai/Tamashii Nations action figure distribution in North America. So if you go to a show and see them there please say thank you for getting these figures to us here.

There is so much you can do with this guy and for that JQ gives this Bruce Lee figure a 8.5/10.

Thank you to Bandai/Tamashii Nations for suppling the figure for review

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