Get Excited: Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer Is Here

By bill - May 16, 2013

arrested-dev-sn-4They’ve unmade a huge mistake!

At last, the trailer for the Netflix exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development has finally hit the web!  They waited until the last minute to reveal actual footage from the new shows, but with just over a week until the release of all 15 episodes at once, I can’t think of a better way to kick off this “Final Countdown.”

As for the trailer itself– I love it!  Excited as I am for the return of AD, I really didn’t know if the same magic would return to the bottle, ten years later.  It’s too early to tell if this new season will be on par with the brilliant first three, but what we see in this 90 minute clip definitely feels like good, classic Arrested Development to me.

Past that, I’m beyond excited to check out the whole new season, probably in one marathon viewing.  Glad I don’t have to work on May 27th!

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