EXCLUSIVE: Get A First Look At The Eagle Force Officer

By bill - April 30, 2016

Eagle-Force-Commander-featWe’ve got your EXCLUSIVE first look at the latest recruit to the Eagle Force team coming to Kickstarter this Summer from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco!

The return of Eagle Force has been on the horizon for some time now, but the wait is almost over.  The Kickstarter for the Eagle Force Returns action figure series will launch this summer, but in the meantime Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco have been slowly but surely revealing the characters that make up the collection.

Now, thanks to the awesome folks at Fresh Monkey Fiction, we’re debuting their latest Eagle Force figure– the Eagle Force Officer!  Check this guy out:

EF Officer promov3

I like the look of this figure a lot.  His colors and uniform allow him to fit in uniformly with the rest of the Eagle Force team, but he retains a unique look that will set him apart from the infantry he commands.  The structure of the Eagle Force Returns line is pretty awesome, mixing vintage characters with new recruits, as well as generic troop builders.  It shows studious reverence for the little known original property, while also making this new toy line feel very much like its own thing.  And the figures all look fantastic!

We’ve got a few more weeks to wait for the Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter to launch, but in the meantime there’s still a few days left to get in on the ground floor with the Eagle Force Returns Trading Card Kickstarter.  The fully funded campaign will release trading card based on vintage and modern Eagle Force figures, and there’s lots of cool Stretch Goals you can add to your pledge… including an exclusive, limited edition R.I.O.T. Pilot action figure!

Click Here to check out the Eagle Force Returns Trading Card campaign on Kickstarter.  And stay tuned to Kastor’s Korner for more updates as we get closer to the return of Eagle Force!

Huge thanks to Fresh Monkey Fiction for allowing us to debut this great new Eagle Force character!

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