Don’t Expect Shaw Or Fifield In Prometheus Wave 3

By bill - April 25, 2013

prometheus shaw featNECA’s best toy line based on a mediocre movie is dialing back for the third series.

Bad news, Prometheus fans (or more specifically, fans of NECA’s fantastic toy collection)– due to low sales of the recent second series of figures, the upcoming third wave has gone through some cost-cutting changes.  That means the mutated Scottish punk rock geologist Fifield NECA has been showing off– and the wonderful Elizabeth Shaw prototype they displayed at Toy Fair this year– will likely be lost to the ages.

NECA addressed the changes to the Prometheus lineup on their always-informative and remarkably candid Twitter account:

Just to confirm this meant both Shaw and Fifield were now on the chopping block, they also Tweeted:

This is real bummer news, as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t even like Prometheus too much, but the film had a fantastic visual style, which NECA translated beautifully in their toy line.  But this isn’t a case of splitting hairs– Shaw was the film’s protagonist, so without at least her in the lineup, this collection will always feel disappointingly incomplete.

BIPErSjCcAI8ZiE.jpg_largeNo word on who will be included in the upcoming third wave, but rumors have included a ghostly “projection” style Engineer variant, as well as meat-headed scientist Holloway (who would only require a new head, not Shaw’s entire new build).

So as not to be a total Debbie Downer about this, NECA did reveal one small but cool new tool– the ancient jar which contains the black ooze that caused so many problems for the crew of the Prometheus.  This accessory will be packed with one of the Series Three figures, and in my opinion it adds legitimacy to both the ghost Engineer and Holloway, since the piece would fit well with either character.

Hopefully things will turn back around– yes, the movie is basically a year old, and it didn’t wind up being quite the classic that predecessors like Alien and Blade Runner are now, but this toy line was beautiful and weird and quite cool.  If you see David-8 or Deacon, you should grab them to help the line, but also because they’re great figures.  I know I’ll support a scaled-back Series Three just in hopes of building enough interest to get Shaw into production.

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