Factory Entertainment Reveals Archer Comic Con Exclusives & More

By bill - June 25, 2014

archer-featFactory Entertainment is bringing our favorite super spy and more to Comic Con.

I’m digging the diversity of Factory Entertainment’s Archer collection, and that reflects in this year’s SDCC exclusives, as well.  We’re getting the first 6″ Archer action figure– a show exclusive variant of Sterling in his white tux– as well as a bobble statue of Lana in her lingerie and an awesome beach towel featuring Krieger’s virtual girlfriend.

In addition to the Archer stuff, Factory will also be offering a set of plush dragon eggs from Game of Thrones, in a really neat wood chest style box, and a pair of DC heroes “Write-Ems, their brand of figural pens.  The two pack features neat, stylized takes on Batman and Superman.

What makes this even better is Factory has all these exclusives open for preorder, so non-attendees can add them to their collections as well.  I wish more companies would do this; as it stands the one that do have the opportunity to sell more products due to a larger audience, as well as making their fan base happy.

Click Here to preorder your exclusives from factory Entertainment.  Which piece of their SDCC collection are you most excited about?

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