The Fanboy Factor Tackles Issues with Mattel and Films

By kastor417 - July 1, 2013

Kastor's Korner joins up with the Fanboy Factor

Another week on the Fanboy Factor with the guys weighing in on the Clamp Champ scandal, DC and the big screen, and Jim Carrey and his newest publicity stunt.

This week on the Fanboy Factor we take a look at Mattel’s latest way they are screwing over their fans by not allowing non-subscription members to buy wanted characters. With Warner Brothers ending their relationship with Legendary Pictures, what that could mean for future DC Comic movies. Are too many characters being added to the upcoming film, X-Men: Days Of Future’s Past? Could this ruin the film? And finally discuss Jim Carey publicly announcing that he can not support Kick-Ass 2, which he stars in.

Head over to the Fanboy Factor to listen online or if you are using iTunes you can use this link to their feed to add it to your podcast library.

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