The Fastest, Most Furious Saga Nearing an End

By chrismull - February 9, 2016

ff to endVin Diesel came to Instagram the other day to confirm news about dates for upcoming Fast 9 and 10 films.

Diesel posts:
“1 Saga, 2 Decades, 10 Films”

Variety posts about the news that broke just last month that “Fast 8” would be released on April 14th 2017, with “Straight out of Compton” director, F. Gary Gray running point. Also, Universal confirms dates for the following two films in the Fast and Furious franchise and keeps with the April film release trend that has worked for them in the past. The 9th film is set for an April 19th 2019 release. The 10th film is set for an April 2nd 2021 release.

The release of “Furious 7” this past April has surpassed all the previous Fast and Furious films in the box office. The success has been outstanding with the film reaching the 6th worldwide all-time ranked film according to Box Office Mojo. Universal hopes to continue the success with the Fast and Furious franchise with the upcoming three films and close out the epic story of Dominic Toretto and his family. Its going to be interesting to see how they deal with the death of cast-member Paul Walker in the upcoming films. Will they just write him out of the story of find some way to bring him back in some scenes? The fans will most definitely be hoping for the latter.


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