Boba Fett & Han Solo Kick Off The Star Wars Black Series

By kastor417 - August 2, 2013

Boba Fett SWB Kastor's KornerThe first figure from the 6″ Star Wars Black Series sold out at Comic Con. Boba Fett, a fan favorite, despite his short screen time in the films, has set bar high for the rest of the eagerly anticipated series from Hasbro.

The 6″ toy line has been a long time coming for Star Wars fans and so far, it does not disappoint. It is always difficult to review the first figure in a new line; there will be changes as the line grows so any issues in Wave One are usually easier to forgive. That being said, for a first figure Fett is near perfect.

Boba Fett SWB Kastor's Korner07The sculpting on the figure is spot on compared to the source material. The joins are well hidden within his sculpt, and does not take away from the overall look of the figure. The paint is hard to judge on the bounty hunter, because he is wearing battle damaged armor, so there are a ton of scrapes and dents in the design, but no major paint issues jump out. The colors are smooth and done in a matte palette. On his outfit, the Padawan braids stand out around his right shoulder. His cape is also made out of cloth, so hopefully this is a good sign that when Hasbro gets to Darth Vader he will also employ some well done soft goods.

Fett has a good range of motion with the exception of his hip joints– there are two large pouches coming off his front belt which wont allow him to be posed in a sitting or crouching position… It does not take away from the overall figure, but it’s something that should be addressed if they ever do an unmasked version in the future.

For a figure this size there are also a good number of accessories. Boba Fett comes his essentials– a rifle, blaster and jet pack. All of the accessories can be carried by the figure, which is always welcome for collectors, and Fett can hold and aim his rifle with both hands, making for some fun poses. The figure will be available to the public in the upcoming Wave Two, but that version will be missing will be his forth accessory– Han Solo. The SDCC edition of the figure is the only way to get the Han Solo in Carbonite with floating base. The detail Solo is amazing and may go down as one of the best accessories in the line.

Overall Boba Fett is a great start to this exciting line, and we can only hope someday for a Slave One to put this block of Carbonite into for transport.

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