Figma Adds to the Yu-Gi-Oh Collection with Dark Magician Girl

By jayq - April 11, 2017

When Figma introduced us to Yami Yugi in mid-2016 we were given a tease of the future. Dark Magician Girl is a FANTASTIC addition to a collection that I hope continues. 

There are HUNDREDS of monsters and dozens of characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. Celebrating 20 years is no small feat for a game or show and to have both be successful is icing on the cake. Two companies took on the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand last year, but the crown went to Figma by a landslide. Some people wanted to see Figma take on Revoltech and make a Dark Magician (Yugi’s main monster), so it was a curveball to see them do Dark Magician Girl. As a fan, I am not complaining in the least as this is such a fun and amazing figure.

This figure is packed with two face plates, three extra sets of hands, two bent legs, her wand, book of spells, and two stands (one for the book and one for her). Needless to say, you can have hours of fun posing this figure and finding new ways to make her replicate show poses. Paint application was flawless on her. The soft plastic on the skirt made it easy to move her legs and add the bent leg pose. The shoulder pads are also made of a soft plastic that made for very easy arm movements. I really thought her hat was going to make her fall backward, but the hollow soft plastic there did not affect her in any negative way.

I did have a hard time getting the bent leg to snap into place but like any import figure, some finesse and patience will get you the desired results needed. The swapping of the faceplates is also very simple and requires little effort to make any swap. Caution is needed when swapping the hands out as there is a very little part that slips over the top of the hand that is connected from the hand and the peg. Make sure that when you change the hands that part stays in place, and if it should come out it is simple to put back.

Dark Magician Girl is a VERY early front runner for my personal Top 10 for 2017. If you are fan of the show or just like an awesome figure I highly recommend this. JQ gives Figma Dark Magician Girl a 9/10.

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