Figma Delivers Kusanagi Motoko From the New Ghost in the Shell Movie

By jayq - June 10, 2016

GITS-featFigma helped celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Ghost in the Shell with a figure from the new movie, Kusanagi Motoko.

At first, I purchased this figure to make a Black Widow custom for my Avengers shelf. However, after handling and posing Figma’s Kusanagi Motoko, I could not do it. This figure is a blast to pose– Figma really outdid themselves this time, using a¬†flexible plastic in important areas allowing proportions to be maintained without compromising poseability.

gits5Kusanagi comes packed with four left hands and four right hands, that can be popped off at the wrist to make many different scenes. She also has two alternate facial expressions along with two variants for her hair which easily snap on and off. Also included with the figure are a pistol and an assault rifle that can be added to her various hands to create even more action scenes. It should be noted, I found the assault rifle a little hard to fit into her hands without some force. Figma also included a clear stand for Kusanagi, which can be used for jumping or running poses.

If you were lucky enough to purchase this figure from the Good Smile Company’s site during the preorder bonus phase, then you got access to the thermo-camouflage legs that can be attached to the figure. I did not preorder this one, as I picked it up from a third party retailer.

The prices on Kusanagi run anywhere from $55-$70 before shipping, and a tad higher if you opt for the preorder bonus. Beside the issue with the assault rifle, this figure is basically flawless, the paint apps are fantastic, and the articulation is amazing! JQ gives this figure 8.8/10.

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