The Final DCIE Sub is Upon Us with the World’s Worst Detective…Batzarro

By jayq - December 27, 2013

Batzaro DCIE Mattel Kastor's KornerFans of the Mattel DCIE Subscription got their final offering this month as Batzarro made his debut in 6 inch plastic form. This figure came with mixed emotions, as there were fans that were excited and then there were a few purists who think that this spot on the subscription roster was wasted on such an obscure character.

Let’s take a look at Batzarro’s origin, created by the Joker he was made to be a diametrical opposite to Batman. He has the upside down Bat Symbol on his chest, uses a “futility belt”, uses guns in battle, and stalks Crime Alley killing couples that walk down.  Like Bizarro he speaks in opposites and states he is the World’s Worst Detective.

The Four Horsemen did a fine job on this sculpt from head to boot. Most critics laughed that this was in fact yet another Batman rehash, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The head is a completely new sculpt, spot on to the comic look. The cape is made from a softer plastic than other Batman figures, making it lighter and easier to pose the figure. There is also an added bicep swivel that most Batman figures do not have in this line.  The paint was also flawless.

Like most DCIE Subscription figures it came with one accessory, a Batarang. I will warn people who buy these for small children that this will be a choking hazard. This Batarang can fit in both hands for multiple action poses. The figure also came with a free digital download for Superman/Batman issue #22 from the Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness run from few years back.

I personally love this figure and my only gripe was that it did not come with chains like he had in the comic, but I got over it really quick as this figure reeks of awesome.  We will have a shot at the final five Four Horsemen style DCUC in 2014, but I am impressed with the offerings from Mattel in the 2 years we had a subscription. So Farewell DCIE and let us hope and pray that we get to continue this line somewhere down the road.

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