The Flash Is Returning To The Small Screen

By kastor417 - July 30, 2013

flash-featDoes this mean the scarlet speedster’s chances to join the cinematic Justice League have hit a road block? Or could this be Warner’s way of building the DC world of heroes?

Today at the Televsion Critics press event CW president Mark Pedowitz announced they would use Arrow to launch a second superhero show on the CW, The Flash. Creators of the freshman hit Arrow Greg Berlanti and Andrew Krieberg along with David Nutter will work the Scarlet Speedster in the Arrow’s world in the show’s second season. Fans who are wondering which version of the Flash will join the archer Pedowitz had this to say:

“We plan to introduce the recurring character of Barry Allen, who is the Flash,” Pedowitz told reporters. “We’re planning an origin story and we’ll see how it goes. We do want to expand on the DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there.”

This could be great news for fans of the DC heroes, and could lead into others joining the show. Marvel has done a great job building a movie universe, which is spinning off into TV with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this fall, but could this be DC and Warner Bros. way of building up their stable of heroes and skipping origin films?

Only time will tell what happens, but this could be a whole new beginning for the Justice League.

Source: Deadline

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