The Flash: Season Zero #12

By patricksmith - February 22, 2015

The Flash Season Zero featuredKing Shark ends up being more dangerous than previously assumed…though still kind of stupid.

I laughed at King Shark, I mocked his shark-head design, I even dared to ask the neck question. But no longer! Now these questions have been made irrelevant by the simple application of comic book logic.

Gee…wonder which scientist is King Shark.

How can he see?
How does he move?
How does he hear?

The basic gist is that the volume doesn’t get caught up on the logistics of *how* King Shark works, it just focuses on the fact that he does and goes from there. Instead, investigation and discovery takes up the brunt of the page count, and makes for some interesting, if not terribly original, plot development. I like seeing Barry utilizing his team for something other than tech support though. It makes their inclusion seem more tactically sound, while still providing an entertaining dynamic for the reader/audience.

Though the story was sufficient, I’m gonna have to say the art is the real star. Hester just keeps making everything more and more detailed. He’s even drawing female characters this way, giving them feminine features that make them stand out from the male characters.

The Flash Season Zero #12 Caitlin

Final Word: The Flash Season Zero #12 takes a ridiculous villain and makes him seem dangerous in a semi-realistic setting (which has become a bit of a staple of the series). The investigation is intriguing, with a natural progression which keeps the pace consistent throughout. Hester and Kelsey are reallyJawsome on point, with Hester upping his detail while still maintaining his proficiency at power effects and Kelsey’s colors drawing the eye effectively to make those effects really pop. All this, and I still can’t help but be disappointed in King Shark as a villain.  He’s just a big dumb guy with a shark head.  There are so many ways to get away from that.  Like…revolving doors for example. Plus, no matter what his story…this is what he’s always going to look like to me.


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