The Flash: Season 2 “The Man Who Saved Central City” Preview

By patricksmith - September 28, 2015

Flash Feature

“Show your appreciation for the man who saved Central City!”

It’s been 6 months since the singularity appeared over Central City, but if you ask Barry Allen, the wounds are still fresh.  Since that time, he’s decided that the only way to truly protect the people he cares about is to take the burden of protecting the city squarely on his own shoulders.  Meanwhile, Central City is preparing for Flash Day to honor the hero who saved them all, with everyone excited about the Flash being awarded the key to the city; everyone except for Barry, that is.  In that same six months, Team Flash has scattered, but with everything moving forward for the rest of the team, Barry’s insistence on going solo has created a fissure between him and his former partners.  All that could change though with the sudden unexpected murder of a local welder, and the appearance of a larger than life metahuman with a grudge against the Flash.  Barry’s determined to take down codename Atom Smasher (just wait to see who names him) without help, but he might be in for a rude awakening when he starts to see just how far he can get on his own.

“The Man Who Saved Central City” is a little more grown up than what we’ve seen before, but it’s still The Flash through and through.  All the highlights are there, including some emotional moments, complex character developments, superhuman fights with some entertaining effects, and plenty of junk science that makes everything happening sound just as cool as it looks.  Atom Smasher doesn’t tower as much as his comic counterpart, but the 6’4 Adam Copeland makes for an imposing presence against Gustin’s much smaller Barry, and creates an incredibly interesting contrast between speed and strength.  There have been some other unique liberties taken with Atom Smasher to make him fit in to the Flashverse as well, but fans can expect his presence to be a mystery worth solving.  With a focus on the alternate timelines and possibly dimensions, there’s practically no limit to where The Flash Season Two can go; and while we all know the man that Barry Allen will one day become, and just how important that is, “The Man Who Saved Central City” will give fans an invaluable glimpse at the road ahead.

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