Two Flashes are better than one, in the Flash’s newest trailer.

By patricksmith - September 24, 2016


Barry and Wally are one in the same for the “Run Devil Run” Teaser of The Flash’s third season premiere.

Looks like fans won’t have to wait as long as previously thought for a little more information on the upcoming Flash season premiere.  The “Run Devil Run” trailer shows the Flash and The Flash (Kid Flash) face off against yet another DC Comic’s speedster; while Crowder’s Run Devil Run plays in the background.  Check it out:

Turns out Barry’s messing with the timeline created an alternate universe where not only is he not the Flash, he’s been replaced by none other than Wally West.  His timing couldn’t be better though, as Wally is face to face with “The Rival” (guest star Todd Lasance.) Deciding to take up the mantle of the Flash once again, Barry decides to team up with Wally to defeat the villain; but the decision to leave the Flash behind might soon be out of his hands as more and more of his old life seems to be slipping away.  It won’t be long before it’s all gone, and before that happens Barry has to choose if he wants to be the Flash in his old world or Barry Allen in the new one.

This episode seems to be an astoundingly simplified version of the comic arc that spawned it, but the Flash family is all there in some way or another; so now that we’ve seen all the pieces, it’ll be more interesting to see how the episode fits them all together.

“Flashpoint” airs Tuesday, October 4th at 8PM/7PM Central only on the CW.

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