The Force Awakens Star Wars Black Series Revealed?

By bill - December 22, 2014


A leaked image may have revealed five Star Wars Black Series figures from Episode VII.

The Star Wars Chinese Forum has posted an image of what appears to be a group of 6″ Star Wars Black Series figures from Hasbro’s upcoming The Force Awakens series.  The lineup includes Finn (John Boyega), Rey (Daisy Ridley), BB-8 (the ball droid), a new Chewbacca and Kylo Ren (the Sith looking dude with the cross-sword lightsaber).

The unpainted prototypes look pretty legit, and while I won’t post the image here (you can see it here, but super mild spoilers? I guess?), but I really like what we’re seeing.  Finn’s outfit feels very Star Wars-y in the best way possible, and the John Boyega portrait is outstanding.  I’m getting a very Padme Amidala vibe off of Rey’s costume, but without color it’s touch to tell exactly what’s going on… is it just me or is there a vague Jedi feel to her robes?

What is much less vague is Ren’s Sith aesthetic.  I love the ridged tunic, the cowl around the shoulders and that menacing mask, which looks nothing like Darth Vader’s visage and yet retains the same sort of instantly iconic style as that mask or Boba Fett’s helmet.  He’s apparently a tall dude, too, which makes me think maybe we are looking at the lanky Adam Driver beneath those robes?

Also of note, Chewie has a nice new head sculpt in addition to some retooled parts from the current OT version… but there is no sign of a cybernetic hand, as rumors had suggested.  I’m already as in love with BB as the rest of the interwebs, but keeping her in scale… damn, I hope she’s a pack-in and not an individual release.  Yoda and R2D2 were one thing, but that would be pushing it.

I think it’s a safe bet this image will be pulled pretty quickly, so I’d suggest you check it out while you can.  Like so much of the leaked Episode VII stuff we’ve seen, it’s giving me a really good feeling about this movie.  I wish JJ Abrams and Disney would stop being so withholding; I think we can all appreciate some peace in the galaxy and goodwill toward Star Wars for Christmas this year.

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