And I’ll Form The Head

By kastor417 - April 25, 2016

Voltron LEGOThere is a new project on LEGO Ideas that kids of the 80’s will fight to have made. Voltron could be one of the sets made, but can it get into production?

This project fits in with the other projects over the last few years, making every kid of the 80’s save up for these sets. This is amazing considering the lions can transform without completely rebuilding them like the early Kre-o sets.

Now this is not a done deal, they still have along way to go before the set gets made. One issue could be the new cartoon on Netflix this summer. Playmates announced at Toys Fair that they have the Voltron license now, but could this get made anyway?

The real issue is cost, in the comments the creator does not have a final brick count, but the Black Lion alone was about 600 bricks. Just taking a guess it could be a 2000 or 2100 brick set, which at retail would be about $200 or $250, but add in this is a LEGO Idea set it could be above $300. The designer has added minifigures, but no word on if they would go inside the lions.

I know I would buy it, would you?

Head to the site to vote and make this set possible!

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