Fred Van Lente, Comics’ Hardest Working Writer, Brings Us Brain Boy

By hopkins - September 18, 2013

brain-boy-1-coverOur friend Fred Van Lente delivers another title with the first issue of Brain Boy. Brain Boy was originally created in 1962, but now Van Lente takes over bringing the character into modern day times.

24004A man raised as an orphan discovered at a young age he had telekinetic powers. Recruited  by the Secret Service to protect world leaders the CIA pursue Brain Boy to look into leaders heads for their secrets, in return they offer him access to a file which tells him about his parents.

Taking the case Agent Price finds himself facing someone with the same abilities. While watching President Ricorta, Price steps away to clean himself up and comes back to find the President missing and his entire detail minds wiped.

As usual Van Lente does a great job telling stories, never missing a detail or back story there is very little left to question. If your into Spies, the CIA , and military type stories this book will give you a little of each. Putting a twist on mind manipulation and telekinetic abilities, gives story a unique feel.

Again I give this book two thumbs up. Van Lente has become one of the great story tellers of our time, showing that great stories can come without super powers.

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