Free Comic Book Day- DC Comics “Future’s End”

By kastor417 - May 3, 2014

Free Comic Book Day- DC Comics "Future's End"The future of the world rests in the Batcave, but can the heroes hold off the horde of cyborgs at the doors long enough to save the world?One of the great things about Free Comic Book Day is the chance to try something new without a lot of risk. DC usually use the day to promote their next big cross over, and this year it is Futures End.

Batman and Mr. Terrific have created Brother Eye a machine to monitor the world, but of course it all goes wrong. Brother Eye becomes self aware and take over the world assimilating the world population, including the heroes. Those left in this bleak world are forced to work together to try to take down Brother Eye, but they are losing.

Ethan Van Sciver and Dan Jergens art on the book brings the desolate future to life in this new book along with a big list of other artists. There are a few reveals in the book that drive home how much trouble the remaining human are facing in this future.

When the cyborgs come knocking it’s up to Terry, Batman Beyond, to travel back to the past and stop the creation of the Brother Eye computer. When he arrives and checks in with his in suit computer, A.L.F.R.E.D., he finds he has over shot the date and is too late.

Will he be able to stop the computer, even though the process has already started? Who will he look to for help? And will Bruce find out and try to take down this future Batman?

I guess we will have to wait for the series to start.

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