Fresh From Weyland Yutani Farm: Alien Egg 6-Pack

By bill - November 10, 2015

NECA-Alien-Eggs-featNECA’s new Aliens accessory set is probably the coolest thing ever.

There’s more to the Aliens universe than Xenomorphs and Colonial Marines and Ripleys, and NECA is delving deeper into that universe with their new egg accessory pack. This box set features six Alien eggs, three closed and three open with removable Facehuggers dwelling inside. We’ve seen the open egg and Facehugger before, as both were packed with poor, final battle Bishop in the previous wave of action figures, but the closed egg is an all new sculpt, loaded with just as much detail and paint work as the rest of the seminal Aliens toy line.

The eggs are perfectly in scale with the 7″ action figures, and the sculpts are perfect, from the leathery exterior of the eggs to the slimy, fleshy (and more than a bit sexually evocative) interiors. The Facehuggers are great as well, each featuring a bendable tail to change up their poses. The creatures’ appendages are extended out, which allows them to stand mid-scramble on the ground, leaping out of the egg toward their next victim, or rearing up and ready to attack.

On its own, NECA’s egg set would be a very well crafted, relevant piece of the Aliens collection. But the toymakers really raised the bar with their packaging, which makes this set one of the most fun toys I’ve seen all year. The half-dozen eggs are packed in an egg carton, just like the ones at the grocery store. The carton is stamped Weyland Yutani Farms, and can be opened to display all six eggs arranged inside. There is a label on the top of the carton, and some very clever warnings stamped inside the box, as well. Between that and the infographics– which outline the life cycle of the Xenomorph and warn of the hazards of looking directly into one of the open eggs– there’s a ton of fun and very funny gags in this wonderful package design sure to please any Aliens fan.

It’s nuances like this egg carton packaging that have made NECA a toy company to be aware of. Not only have they created a very important, perfectly executed set of accessories to add to their Aliens collection, but they have also created a totaly cool novelty piece which any Aliens geek would be more than happy to own. It’s a way to expand their Aliens brand beyond just the action figure collectors, and it’s a brilliant move… I have a feeling the Alien Egg 6-pack is going to be a very big hit.

Thanks to NECA for giving us the opportunity to review the Alien Egg set. You can purchase your set todat at NECA’s eBay store,, and other select retailers.

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