Even Funko Pops Have Porgs!

By kastor417 - September 7, 2017

So a Wookie, Jedi, and Porg walk into a cantina…… The Star Wars world has gone Porg crazy, when you add a Wookie this collector could not pass it up. 

I love my desk toys, they are little reminders of my collection at home and also make work a little more bearable. POPs have become one of my favorite things to add to my small work display, they are durable, don’t take up much space, and honestly if they get damaged or stolen I won’t feel like part of my collection is gone forever. There are a ton of POPs on the market today, so what was the deciding factor in only getting these two for myself? Well one has a Porg and the other might be my favorite Jedi of all time.

Chewie has always been a favorite, the furry co-pilot who always seems to know what to say in those tense moments. Watching Han decipher this language is almost like watching me interpret my little Wookie, so there is a connection. Not only do we get the faithful sidekick, but also a little Porg, the new “Ewoks” of The Last Jedi. They are everywhere, and are too damn cute to pass up. If you are really Porg happy you can also pick up more versions of the Porg in different poses in full size POPs.

Luke was also a need for my desk toys, he could be after all the last of the Jedi. This is the first Luke figure from any line to give a little more detail to his costume, and possible story. This POP is ready to go out into the world, with a backpack full of supplies and a walking stick. When he was discovered at the end of The Froce Awakens we only saw him in all his robes, not speaking a line, but this time he is clearly going somewhere. Does this figure hint at the fact he is going out to train Rey, or will be get some flashback of him find the Jedi temple, or his journey into self-exile.

There are plenty more POPs out and on the way for the film, and only a few short months until the Last Jedi is revealed.

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