Funko Reveals New Legacy & ReAction Properties

By bill - December 27, 2014

rocketeer-featLegacy Rocketeer!  ReAction Fight Club!!  Find out what else Funko is cooking up for the new year…

Brian from Funko has been doling out twelve days of new announcements on the Funko boards, and while most of the news has been Pop-centric, Day Ten’s reveal dropped a pretty badass knowledge bomb on fans of the company’s Legacy Collection and ReAction brands.

Here’s a rundown of what we will see from each in 2015:

Legacy……Evolve, Fall Out, Skyrim, Game of Thrones Wave 3, Rocketeer and Firefly all will be released in Legacy format…

ReAction……Tomorrowland, Fifth Element, Aliens featuring a Queen!, Rocky Horror Picture Show, V for Vendetta, Munsters, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, E.T., Big Lebowski, Fight Club, A-Team, Big Trouble in Little China and Scarface!

This list is big and awesome, with the same level of scope and diversity that made 2014 such a banner year for both brands.  I’m glad Funko is moving forward so aggressively with both their retro and collector-style lines, and there’s sure to be something for anyone in this spread.

Me, personally?  I will buy any and all Big Trouble in Little China figures.  By “any and all,” I don’t mean a set… I mean, like, literally every figure I can find.  It’s a perfect movie, and I’m a little bit obsessed.

I’m stoked about the long-rumored Aliens, and am curious to see how the Super7 team approaches the Queen.  Big Lebowski, Fight Club and Fifth Element all have a lot of potential, too.

On the Legacy front, I am over the moon at the concept of a highly articulated 6″ scale Rocketeer, and confirmation of more Game of Thrones figures and the eagerly anticipated Firefly Legacy line serve as a nice reminder that 2015 might be another stellar year for toy collectors.

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