Funko’s New DC Mopeez Are SUPER Adorable

By jayq - October 28, 2015

batman-mopeez-featFunko keeps pushing the envelope with all things pop culture. Their newest addition to the family are the new Mopeez.

Even superheros have bad days and these 4 1/2 in plush toys are weighted on the bottom to retain the slouchy pose and adorable frustration. Mopeez are little plush figures of our favorite DC heroes and villains sitting down and well moping. So far in the first release are Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Superman, Flash, Joker and Harley. They also offer a 75th Anniversary Rainbow Batman set.

Funko continues to use the licenses extremely well as they have Marvel and Nightmare Before Christmas Mopeez available. Funko keeps showing us that with imagination noting is out of the realm of possibilities.

I saw this little guy in the Previews Magazine and had to order him. JQ gives Funko’s Mopeez a 7.5/10, but a 10/10 for cuteness!

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