Funko’s SDCC Tyrion Lannister, Revealed

By bill - July 17, 2014

tyrion-sdcc-featPlus, two toys based on Sloth from The Goonies and more as Funko’s Comic Con rollout swings for the fences.

Here’s the one lots of us have been waiting for– Funko has revealed their SDCC exclusive Game of Thrones Legacy Tyrion Lannister, as depicted in the latter half of the Battle of Blackwater.  The figure has been rumored for months, but the actual debut brings with it a nice surprise– I was expecting a repack of the retail version of The Imp, simply packed with the helmet accessory that didn’t cost out originally… but Funko went the extra mile to deliver an all-new, battle-scarred portrait.  That’s cool!

The head looks good from what we can see in the low-res promo shot, but I can definitely make out that scar that Tyrion has been sporting over the past season and a half.  It definitely ups the value of this release… although it’s definitely not different enough to demand a re-purchase for every Game of Thrones fan out there (we’ll save that for the sure to be brutal hunt for Hand of the King Tyrion at Walgreens– see ya there in August).

Really, Tyrion makes for a great exclusive, in that he’s non-essential to the collection, but a nice upgrade all the same.  As a veteran Comic Con attendee who knows how shitty lines can be, it’s actually a nice relief to feel absolutely no pressure as to whether or not I can get my hands on one of these figures (I totally wish Hasbro would learn that lesson).

Only slightly more essential is a surprise reveal, Sloth from The Goonies, sporting his Superman t-shirt.  This is a clever way to side-step paying for the logo rights on a mass release toy, so I totally understand why Funko went the SDCC route with this guy… but this is THE definitive Sloth figure, in my opinion.  I totally dig the ReAction figure, but even the Pop! looks kinda cool.

Rounding out this latest slew of exclusives is a ReAction Jack Skellington, packed with the SDCC-exclusive Zero figure, and a Pop! Billy from Saw.  I guess that’s the puppet guy?  I’ve never seen the movies, nor cared to…

Overall, Funko’s SDCC list is diverse, and absolutely HUGE.  I really like their “something for everyone” mentality… although I do sincerely hope that find a way to control the probable hordes of people attempting to pick up their favorites at the show next week.

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