The Future Is Now

By kastor417 - May 5, 2016

BTTF 2 Minimates Kastors Korner2015 has come and gone, but that does not mean we can’t still celebrate one of the best films of all time, Back to the Future Part II…. well a sequel to one of the best films of all time in Minimate form.

The first a the new 4 packs from Diamond Select Toys has some fill in characters from the 2015 world of Back to the Future Part II. We get three, well four, Michael J. Fox figures in this pack; Marty Jr./Marty, Old Marty, and Marline. Marty Jr. can be swapped into 1985 Marty with a change in heads, chest pieces, and arm. Old Marty has is double ties and his guitar, and Marline is the only one with out any accessories. Marty Sr. and 1985 Marty share an accessory, a “You’re Fired” on one side and Grey’s Sports Almanac on the other side.

The final figure in the set if Griff with Pit Bull HoverBoard and bat. Both Marty and Griff have floating stands to recreate the chase scene. Griff is the the most detailed figure of the set, and really stands out, but Marty Jr. has his extended broken jacket arm that is just amazing. This set could have gone deeper into the cast of the film, skipping Griff for this pack and we could have had a future Loraine and a second pack with with Griff and crew. That would have been a very obscure pack, but still could have been fun to have all those characters from the film.

This is the first of many figures coming over the next year from the three films, rounding out many of the major characters from all three films. The only shop in Connecticut that carries Minimates got one set and I got it, so if you’re like me grab them when you see them or they may be gone!

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