FX Plans a Return Visit to Fargo

By bill - July 22, 2014

fargo-featNoah Hawley’s surprisingly great Coen Brothers’ sequel gets a sequel of its own.

Fargo, the TV miniseries that ran earlier this year on FX, was a pretty big hit for the network.  It was also incredible, and recently scored a whopping 18 Emmy nominations.  So I’m not super surprised to discover FX is getting back into the Fargo business once more with showrunner Noah Hawley.  But I am super happy about it!

The new Fargo will be presented as yet another 10-episode miniseries, with a whole new cast of characters and a new main storyline, still set in and around the titular Fargo.  Most interestingly, the announcement mentions a new time period.  While this could simply mean our new story is set in 1992 instead of 1996, it could also suggest that we’ll go way back in time, earlier than the original Coen Brothers film.

The miniseries format also not a big surprise– especially considering the body count by the end of the final episode of what is now Season One– but I think it totally plays to the true crime theme of the show, and should make it much easier for a second stellar cast to come aboard for the relatively short time frame of the production.

Actually, between Fargo and American Horror Story both doing their yearly anthology approach, FX is kind of becoming the haven for pulp fiction goodness, in the grandest dimestore novel tradition.  I sort of love that.

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