FX’s Legion Gets Two New TV Spots

By kastor417 - September 12, 2016

legion-fx-kastors-kornerLegion is coming to FX, and two new TV spots have shown up. They are well…… short and left up for interpretation. 

Coming out of the world of the X-men, Legion is the son of Prof. Xavier and might be the world’s most powerful mutant. Yes I said mutant, thanks to Marvel working with Fox this world won’t ignore the word mutant like all the other TV and films from Marvel, but they won’t connect to the X-men movies. Does your head hurt yet? Good than you might be in the right mindset to watch the quick TV spots.

At SDCC FX debuted a longer trailer with a lot more action and dance numbers than these quick spots. Could this mind warping look at mutants be a hit or miss? Legion explores the X-men-less world of mutants starting in 2017 on FX.

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