G.I. Joe Club 2014 Figure Is Cross-Country

By bill - November 16, 2013

cross-country-featThe GI Joe Club has revealed their 2014 membership exclusive, a Real American Hero style Cross-Country.

After 2012’s remarkable Footloose and this year’s mediocre Iceberg, the GI Joe Collector’s Club is again showing a lot of promise with 2014’s Cross-Country, an all new take on one of the remaining few 87-era Joes not translated into the modern collection.

He looks great, and there’s lots of new tooling going on– Cross-Country gets a new head, new vest, a new wrench accessory, plus lots of other gear. Like Footloose, he does a great job of using modern parts but retaining the overall design of his vintage 80s figure, so Cross-Country will likely fit in any sub-set, be it 25th Anniversary, Pursuit of Cobra or even Retaliation.

In addition to the figure, The Club will also be offering a vehicle for him to drive, a HAVOC-decoed variant of the Snowcat.  It’s a cool move, and their repaint of the formerly arctic vehicle looks pretty great.

1458418_10152050535122679_1754614753_nHere’s the full word from the Joe Club about Cross-Country.  Remember, if you want to add him to your collection, you need to join the Joe Club by March 16th next year.

CROSS-COUNTRY is the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FREE Membership Incentive Figure for 2014! This FREE figure will be sent to any G.I. Joe Club member that chooses the 3 3/4-inch figure option and whose membership is active by March 16th, 2014.

This club exclusive CROSS-COUNTRY action figure features a NEW head sculpt, NEW vest with holster, figure stand, classic file card and accessories, including: assault rifle, pistol, and NEW vehicle wrench. Members can expect to receive this bagged figure with all his accessories in late spring/early summer of 2014!


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