G.I. Joe Con Exclusive Set Fully Revealed

By bill - January 26, 2013

The GI Joe Club’s Night Force vs. Cobra explosives specialists set looks fantastic.

The GI Joe Club has revealed the remaining figures in their 15-piece box set exclusive, available for attendees at this April’s GI Joe Con in Indianapolis (with a handful available on their website, for a few non-attendees whose reflexes and internet connection are fast enough to purchase).

As for the set this year… I like it. Night Force was always a cool sub-team, and we’re seeing a surprising number of new characters in their NF deco (such as Psyche Out or Spearhead) that I can only assume their classic colors are coming in some form from the Club.  The Joe team looks really good, with nicely uniform deco and a wide variety of characters that rounds out much of the RAH Night Force.

On the Cobra side, the Frag Vipers and SAW Vipers both look great (is that a balaclava under SAW Viper’s helmet?).  Letal is a cool international nod who fits in perfectly here.  I was expecting new character Crimson Asp to be a little more, um, crimson… but the more I look at her, the more I dig the Hydra themed colors of her outfit.  Between those colors and the eyepatch, she looks straight out of an issue of Steranko’s Nick Fury, and I can get down with that.

So now that this set has been revealed, the question becomes what supplemental exclusives will the Club reveal on site at Joe Con?  Typically we’ll see an extra figure two-pack and figure three-pack, plus a few vehicles.  I think Night Force will get the three pack, since we’re so close to finishing off the team– between the box set and the few NF figures Hasbro snuck into the 25th line (Tunnel Rat, Outback and Shockblast), the only other produced figures in the vintage line were Falcon, Crazy Legs, Sneak Peek and Lightfoot.  Falcon and Crazy Legs can be straight up repaints, so I think we’ll see those two and one of the newly tooled characters here… possibly with the final figure getting rolled into the new Figure Sub, like Dragonsky last year?

Past that, I’d assume the two-pack would be Cobra themed, but I have no clue what they’d do to tie into this collection of villains.  At least one vehicle will be Night Force, and the Club already hinted it will feature glow-in-the-dark parts, so truth be told I don’t care what it is because that will look awesome.

For more updates on Joe Con, click here to check out their official site.

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