The Galaxy is Safe with S.H. Figuarts Mace Windu

By jayq - June 21, 2016

MAceS.H. Figuarts keeps delivering amazing characters from the Star Wars Universe. The newest addition is none other than Master Jedi Mace Windu.

Many know Mace Windu from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. He is known for not only being played by Samuel L. Jackson, but he is also the man who talked George Lucas into giving a character a different color Lightsaber. We all know that different colors are used in the video games and comics, but in the movies that has never happened and Lucas was adamant that only Blue, Green, and Red in the movies. Jackson some how talked Lucas into giving Mace a purple Lightsaber, Let me tell you on this action figure from S.H. Figuarts they knocked the purple blade out of the park.

mace7Mace comes packed with two head sculpts, three sets of hand replacements, and two Lightsabers (one unlit and one lit). The head on the figure has a less angry look, and the other has a more subtle tad more serious/angry look. The hands that come packed are two clinched fist, two open hand force push hands, and two hollowed out fist that can hold the Lightsaber. When we discuss articulation I will discuss the hands a bit more. There are also two Lightsabers one on his belt with that is unlit and one that has the beautiful purple hilted Lightsaber ready for action.

The articulation is done masterfully. You can even extend his elbows since they are hidden within the tunic, I did over extend the right arm and it popped out of the socket but it was easy to pop back in, Figuarts do this from time to time. Now to talk about the hands. This has been an issue since the Episode 6 Luke Skywalker figure in my opinion, and that is the Lightsaber hands being drilled at an angle that makes it hard to snap in, There have been some reports that the right hand peg is brittle on some figures. This was not the case for the action figure I have in hand,

Now I like to add flair to my figures and I purchased a Jedi robe from an online seller, this small addition makes the figure pop. I purchased a few robes for my other Star Wars figures and they add that cool factor to already fantastic works of art. Hopefully future releases will include robes in enough fans make the request.

Mace Windu is available now on many online sites and will run about $60 and up before shipping, With the announcement of other Episode I,II,III figures from the Figuarts brand, Mace is an excellent addition to any collection.

JQ gives this a 8.5/10 and if the hand pegs were not drilled so weird this would have been a solid 9.5!

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