Ghost Returns in the White City Butcher

By jayq - September 22, 2014

ghost-vol-2-featDark Horse’s intangible heroine is here to dish out some justice!

Usually I bring you a blast from the past to pick up but when this came across my path I had to take a look at it and this needed to be shared with you all! Ghost Volume 2: The White City Butcher is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Chris Sebela and features the art team of Rick Sook, Drew Johnson, and Geraldo Borges. This book has some BEAUTIFUL panels and splash pages– this art team should be proud of what they produced. The writers as well tell this heroine’s story very well.  The story remains very action packed and flows nicely.

Here is the break down of the trade paperback: While extra dimensional demons in disguise prowl the high-rise corridors of power, an ingenious murderer stalks the back alleys. Only Ghost, the spiritual protector of Chicago, can defend the world from their evil advances! But when a painful encounter with a familiar face sends Elisa on a hunt to uncover the mysteries of her past life, will she ignore her desperate city and the friends she’s pulled into her chaos? I cannot spoil that you will have to read to find out!!

Volume 2 collects Ghost: The White City Butcher issues #1 – #4. and gets a 9/10 on the JQ scale of enjoyment. You can pick it up at your comic shop on September 23rd or order now through Amazon and get it on your Kindle!

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