The New Ghostbusters Worries Me

By kastor417 - May 18, 2016

Ghostbusters Kastors KornerAnother trailer is out for the next Ghostbusters reboot, and it looks like they visited the old films to make this one. 

I don’t mind the idea of a reboot, but this just looks like a train wreak. For the last 20 years the idea of another Ghostbusters film has been a dream of fans, but nothing has ever happened. Ideas ranging from Bill Murray becoming a ghost to the little baby Oscar taking over the family business have been kicked around, but they settled on making an all female team.

The idea of an all female team is not the issue, but the recycled ideas that might take down this film. Funny is funny and the actors in the film have proven they are able to carry a film, but there is something off with this film. This is going to be a true reboot, all that came before it being wiped away, and the three living original Ghostbusters actors having cameos as other characters. The first trailer was confusing because it mentioned the originals (even the actors were confused), and this new trailer looks like they are reusing ideas from the first two films. Let’s break down the new trailer and what appears to the same scenes with new actors.

Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 06A ghost in a library. This scene looks like the ladies are just starting to be Ghostbusters in the trailer, like the guys in the first film.
Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 04

Another ballroom hunt. In the original film the team tested their equipment in hotel ballroom, and this appears to be recreating that scene.

Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 01

Time to go back to the early 1900’s. In the second film the Titanic docked in New York, this certainly looks a lot like that time period. Could they be expanding on that idea or could it be a speak easy?

Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 02 Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 03

Many fans will want they to be the same as the guys, but really why directly connect them like this to the original when there is not supposed to be a connection? Give them a different headquarters, new outfits, and original equipment. Don’t just make them the guys as girls, let them be their own thing. It did not work when Bryan Singer put Brendon Routh in the 70’s Reeves outfits, it probably won’t work here either.

Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 10Some one releases all the ghosts. Once again it looks like someone releases all the ghosts captured by the Ghostbusters. The idea is recycled, but the means look to be new. This might be one of the parts of the film that actually interests me and a perfect example of making this a new idea. It appears that their receptionist gets possessed and turns on the ladies. and the containment unit in the center looks like the hemet Louis wears in the first films. Nods are great in moderation.

Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 15 Ghostbusters Kastors Korner 16A giant white ghost Godzillas the city. They did it in the first film, they made the giant a good guy in the second film, so now in the reboot they do it again? Seems lazy.

I loved the first two films and want to like this one but if they just remake the first classic film they will tank. The gallery below also have even more scenes that look like they are ripped right from the first two movies. Can you match them up?

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