GI Joe Checkpoint Alpha Is A Fun Basic Kre-O Playset

By bill - February 26, 2013

GI Joe Kre-Os prove big things can come in small packages… That’s exactly what we get with Checkpoint Alpha, as the GI Joe team’s iconic checkpoint playset gets the block treatment.

Yesterday I checked out a handful of the blind bagged GI Joe Kre-O figures, which were SUPER fun… now, let’s look at Checkpoint Alpha!  The Joe team’s gate was always one of my favorite playsets as a kid, and this brick version (the smallest and lowest priced Joe Kre-O set) is a nice tribute to the classic.  Like I said, I’m not a Lego guy, so my building skills are likely sub-par, but this simple set (less than 90 pieces) only took about fifteen minutes to assemble, even for an idiot like me.  The colors are a nice mix of reds and greys, just like the original, and we even get decals that harken back to the classic design, a nice bridge between building toys and the label-friendly Joe toys of yesteryear.

Checkpoint Alpha sports some neat accessories like a computer screen, barricade and a fun missile launcher that fires using a brick-based lever instead of a spring (it’s really neat!).  The set also includes Kreons of Law and his faithful German Shepard Order, along with Firefly and his motorcycle.  The cycle is a simple build (about 6 pieces), and the Cobra saboteur is another great mini, with his classic grey camo, a cool gun and a bundle of dynamite that plugs into his backpack!  At only ten bucks, the little playset feels like a steal, especially since it’s a store exclusive.

When I first saw the GI Joe Kre-Os on display at New York Comic Con, it was hard to resist their charm.  Having them in hand now, that difficulty has turned to impossibility– these toys are too cute, too cool and too fun to be ignored.  I still don’t think I’ll be a Lego guy anytime soon… but there is no way I’m not down to check out more GI Joe Kre-Os!

If you’re looking for any of the GI Joe Kre-O sets, check your local Toys R Us (they should have an endcap up in the Building Toy section) or Click Here to place your order on

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