GI Joe Club Reveals Fourth Oktober Guardsman

By bill - May 3, 2012

After spending the weekend at Botcon, the GI Joe Club is back again with a new reveal as part of their GI Joe Convention Oktober Guard exclusive box set… Stormavik!  Check out the first look at the OG paratrooper after the jump…

I’m still definitely stoked for this box set, but so far the choices have been pretty predictable.. I know Guardsmen like Horror Show or Dragonsky would beg for more tooling dollars than Daina or Brekhov, but at this point (as someone who probably won’t be able to fly to New Orleans), I’ll be pretty pissed if Horror Show is only sold at the show and not in this box set…

Also still up in the air is exactly who will make up the second half of this Con set, although my money’s still on the Iron Grenadiers– there’s lots of characters in Destro’s army that have yet to get the 25th treatment, and they’ve got some history with the Russian super-team– show me Voltar, commanding a team of TARGATs and Annihilators and I’ll start skrimping even more pennies in my attempt to cost out a plane ticket to the remarkably inconvenient New Orleans location for this year’s show.


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