GI Joe Club Reveals The Final Two Oktober Guard Members

By bill - May 16, 2012

The GI Joe Club has updated their Joe Con site again with the final two figure reveals for their 15-figure Convention exclusive Oktober Guard vs. Iron Grenadiers box set… Check out General Iron Bear and Horror Show!

Savvy Joe fans have know that Iron Bear and Horror Show would be rounding out the Joe Con box set since their names were listed on the Convention program posted last Friday, but this week we get to see the final figures themselves.

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Iron Bear is a new character, never before released, and includes a new head with removable Officer’s cap, a baton, rifle and knife.

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Horror Show is the fan-favorite heavy gunner of the OG, and this figure marks his debut as a Modern Era/ 25th figure. While the Club took some liberties with Horror Show’s design (kitbashing a makeshift heavy coat in lieu of the Russian’s iconic puffy coat which would have to have been an all-new sculpt), it’s still nice to see him included here, and he sports another all-new headsculpt, an assault rifle, backpack, and RPG with two rockets.

This set ended up being one of the coolest I’ve ever seen from the Club, and I’m very glad they’re once again offering both an on-site and a “Homefront Heroes” edition, for those of us who can’t swing an insanely expensive plane ticket to New Orleans… especially two weeks before Comic Con.

Expect registration to open sometime later this week, at which time Joe Club members can order their 2012 sets.  Now the only mystery that remains is… what exclusive Souvenirs will the Club unveil at the show itself??

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