GI Joe Con’s Oktober Guard is Facing the Iron Grenadiers

By bill - May 8, 2012

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The GI Joe Collector’s Club just updated their GI Joe Convention 2012 exclusives page and we have confirmation that at least one of the opponents of the Oktober Guard will be an Iron Grenadier. See the full reveal, and get all the details here!

Based on a cancelled exclusive, the Iron Grenadier Elite Trooper is dressed in a Cold Weather Operations uniform, and the Joe Con box set will feature FOUR of him–

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For those keeping score, this means here’s what we know so far of the 15-figure set:

  1. Daina
  2. Schrage
  3. Col. Brekhov
  4. Stormavik
  5. Oktober Guard #5
  6. Oktober Guard #6
  7. Iron Grenadier x4

That leaves 3 more enemies yet to be revealed… and five figures to get us to 15. So it’s a safe bet we’ll see another Iron Grenadier-themed army builder, most likely a squad of three.  Unless it’s two teams of TWO soldiers– gah!  The math on this set is getting weird!!



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