GI Joe Kre-O Series 2 Enlists Some Awesome New Recruits

By bill - September 12, 2013

GI Joe Kreo2 featThe next wave of GI Joe Kre-O mini figures is hitting, and they’re sure to make any Real American Hero fan smile.

I have to admit, a year ago I never imagined I’d become an active Kre-O collector.  Building toys and mini figures are cool, sure, but nothing from Lego, Mega Bloks, or even Kre-O sparked a fire in me strong enough to jump into collecting.  But Hasbro’s GI Joe Kre-O series proved to be the perfect venue for a new scale of Real American Hero toys, and the next set of Mini figures– once again a Toys R Us exclusive– continues that winning streak.

The new series offers twelve more blind bagged Kreons, with much of Hasbro’s focus remaining on the classic 80s RAH characters we all know and love.  For the Joe team, we get Mutt and Junkyard, Flash, Snow Job, Tunnel Rat and Blowtorch.  On the Cobra side, Hasbro delivers Major Bludd, Dr. Mindbender, our first Dreadnok Ripper, Slice, an Eel and a B.A.T.  Rounding out the set, we also get a Land Adventurer, continuing the 70s style of Action Commander from Wave One, complete with flocked hair and a mini doll box accessory.

Each figure represents their classic look very well, with appropriate weapons and gear that builds very easily.  There’s a few more intricate details in this set, such as Flash and Blowtorch’s backpacks and Mindbender’s device, which only add to the detail and value of these little guys.

The faces are a mix of neutral and expressive designs, many of which pack in lots of personality– I adore the scowl on Mindbender’s face and Mutt’s clenched teeth, especially.  The costume designs, likewise, call back to the classic RAH looks for which these characters are best know, and each mini figure looks fantastic.

It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite from this lot– there’s so much going on that’s just too cool.  Junkyard sports a great new headsculpt that’s fun and perfect for Mutt’s partner.  The BAT includes three weapons which can plug into his hand sockets.  Snow Job gets an all new rubber hood which fits amazingly well on his head.  The cool design choices are virtually endless on these figures.

I’m glad I’m not alone in my appreciation of the Joe Kre-O collection.  The series has been selling incredibly well, and Hasbro has confirmed it will continue for 2014.  That’s great news, because if Hasbro keeps cranking out figures and playsets with this much personality, charm and fun, I know I’ll be collecting this line for a long time to come.

Looking for a certain figure in GI Joe Kre-O Series Two?  Here’s the last two digits to look for on the ink stamp on the back of the bags:

58 -BAT
86 – Eels
87 – Dr. Mindbender
84 – Slice
85 – Ripper
83 – Blowtorch
88 – Major Bludd
82 – Snow Job
81 – Tunnel Rat
80 – Flash
79 – Mutt & Junkyard
78 – Land Adventurer

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