GI Joe Retaliation Wave 3 Gets It Right

By bill - April 23, 2013

It took two waves to completely course-correct, but Hasbro certainly did, as GI Joe Retaliation Wave 3 is filled with some awesome new additions to the Joe and Cobra ranks.

The third wave of movie style GI Joe Retaliation figures brings us five more new figures, all of whom are finally back to the full quality and articulation Joe fans have come to expect from Hasbro’s fantastic modern style figures.  The movie Joes get two new recruits with Lady Laye and the original GI Joe, Joe Colton.  Rounding out the Cobra side of the set are the Dark Ninja, leader of the Red Dragon ninjas, the Cyber Ninja and a new red and grey Alley Viper.

Lady Jaye is a welcome addition to the line, and the first female figure under the Retaliation banner.  The figure shares some parts with the Renegades Scarlet, but includes a drastically more realistic desert camo paint deco which looks amazing.  The figure features a great portrait of actress Adrianne Palicki, and comes loaded to the teeth with gear… Lady Jaye is packing everything from a rifle to a pistol to her signature spear!  Not to be outdone, Joe Colton is another great new figure, with a great sculpt of Bruce Willis (making this figure a prime target for customizers looking to add John McClane to their Joe collection, for sure).  The figure features Colton in a combat-ready outfit with a white t-shirt, camo pants and an ample arsenal including a revolver and shotgun.  There have been some reports of Colton’s eyes getting crossed or walleyed, but all the figures I have seen looked fine, with no derpy-ness going on.

I was expecting this wave to hurt my wallet, in terms of army builders, which is why I was surprised to read the Cobra bios and discover both Dark Ninja and Cyber Ninja are unique characters, not brackets within the ranks of the terrorist organization.  Dark Ninja is the leader of the Red Ninja clan, and as such it makes sense that he shares the same fantastic sculpt.  Clad in a very dark grey gi, the master ninja features a great crimson dragon painted on his outfit, along with tons of ninja gear and a glider backpack.

The Cyber Ninja looks somewhere between Tron and Metal Gear Solid, but overall he’s pretty cool. What started as a lazy repaint of the 25th series Wraith evolved into a cool looking robotic ninja, whose silver with bright blue highlights gives him a futuristic look that sets him apart from his fellow Cobra villains.  The rocker ankle lower legs help make for some great ninja-style poses with his glowing blue swords, and much of his reworked gear, especially the Pursuit of Cobra Firefly backpack, are a great fit for the robotic assassin.  I was a little let down that his helmet is molded in place, but I think it’s still a better choice than the Wraith head, so I’m okay with the change.

The new Alley Viper also got a few tweaks, which help distinguish him from his fellow troopers, who all use the same (still fantastic) base body.  New webgear and a sweet new red and grey camo uniform make this Alley Viper stand out, and his copious gear, from the shield, billy club knife with sheath and machine gun, are as cool as always.  On top of that, he still sports the classic helmet with blast shield, plus a new rifle and a zipline accessory, making this the most fully-loaded version of Alley Viper ever seen at retail.

I couldn’t be happier with the direction Hasbro is going now with the Retaliation toy line.  With the first three sets out at retail in time for the movie, I think both kids and collectors will eat up the many great figures currently available.  And it will be just in time, to make sure the shelves are clear this Summer for the all-new Joe assortments Hasbro revealed at Toy Fair.  It’s taken a while to get here, but I feel like 2013 is going t be an amazing year to be a Joe fan… and a series as good as Retaliation Wave 3 is just making me more hopeful!

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