Godzilla Gets A Rad Teaser Poster At Comic Con

By bill - July 16, 2013

godzilla-sdcc-featGodzilla + devastated wreckage always = awesome.

Maybe it’s just the buzz I’m still riding from Pacific Rim, but Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla is probably my number one most-anticipated property at Comic Con this year.  I have no real clue what will be shown at the Con, as I’ve been dedicating myself to being 100% spoiler free in regard to the return of the king of all kaiju.  Like… I was surprised to discover Bryan Cranston was in this, spoiler-free.

That will likely change when I hear about how amazing the Godzilla panel at Comic Con will be, and write about it from half a country away.  But for right now, we’ve got our first look at the Comic Con edition Godzilla poster, which will be making its debut at the Con later this week.

It’s simple, and stylish and I very much like it!  No details on where/ when it will be available, but if you want one, I’d suggest milling about the Legendary Pictures booth for a few minutes while you’re at the show.  They usually have some cool props and costumes on display, anyway, so it’s worth seeing.

Check out the poster in all its glory below:


If anybody wants to grab me one at SDCC, I’d be your best friend forever!

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