Godzilla: Stomping the City In Style

By bill - February 20, 2014

godzilla-featThe new Godzilla gets a great new one sheet.

Now that Godzilla’s new looks is effectively out of the bag thanks to Toy Fair, I think it’s a safe bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of our favorite Kaiju in the (few) months leading up to the new movie.  And out next look comes courtesy of the new one sheet which Legendary released earlier today!

I’m loving this poster– it’s got a great sense of both atmosphere and a sense of scale regarding exactly how massive this city-destroying beast really is.  Even in our modern CGI era, the concept of seeing a Godzilla this huge gives me goosebumps.

There’s a nice continuity, with the familiar red streaks of the Halo jumpers in the background, and the explosion in front of Godzilla along with the red logo and smoke trails add some color to the otherwise muted color pallet.  It’s a really pretty image, considering the mass chaos being wreaked within it.

That’s kind of what I expect from this movie, in general– lots of beautiful images of horrible things happening to good people.  Gareth Edwards nailed that somber yet compelling tone in his last feature Monsters, and I remain confident that lightning can strike twice this May.

Godzilla onsheet new

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