New Godzilla Teaser Poster Somehow Even Cooler Than The Last

By bill - July 18, 2013

godzilla-poster-2-featThe second Godzilla poster is even better than the first!

The official Twitter account for the new Godzilla movie revealed a second teaser one sheet for the upcoming movie, and man oh man is it cool!  I have no idea if this pic is stylistically trumping up Godzilla’s size in the movie, but if not… he is gonna be HUGE!  Just look at that tail in proportion to the helicopters!!

They are two for two with these Godzilla teasers, and at this point I’d kill to get to Comic Con in time for the panel, which will promise an even better look at the city destroying beast that will tear his way back into theaters next summer.

Check out the full poster below!

godzilla poster new

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