The New Godzilla Trailer Shows The Face of the Beast

By bill - February 25, 2014

godzilla-featGlorious carnage, astonishing destruction, and (almost) a full look at the King of Monsters.

So there’ s a new Godzilla trailer, and it proves a few things– first, the new Godzilla is HUGE… I mean, really, REALLY big.  Second, we will see more monsters in the movie, and even get a glimpse of a bat wing-sort of leg in one shot.

That stuff, we basically already knew, but it’s certainly nice to see.  The same can be said for the astounding scenes of mass destruction on display– Gareth Edwards certainly has an eye for finding beauty in this sort of mass-scale human suffering.  People running in panic, jets smashed like toys and crashing to the ground, Bryan Cranston making liberal use of that desperate, cracking inflection he has in his voice.  Add to that a nearly full-bodied look at the new creature, and the whole experience is really quite compelling.

But what has me most fascinated is how this trailer suggests the new movie is actually a sequel– not a remake– of the original 1954 classic.  While this opens up a Godzilla-sized can of worms logistically (like, how did the rest of the world keep the destruction of Tokyo under wraps for half a century), that’s such an interesting twist that I want to know more.  Sure, I want to see Godzilla battling kaiju, leveling cities and terrorizing all humans… but I’m even more keen to figure out how this new movie will actually play into the overall Gojira mythology.

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