Golden Age Superman Joins IDW

By hopkins - September 19, 2013

GA-superman-featYes you read it correctly.

IDW presents The Golden Age collection of Superman comic strips that appeared in newspapers throughout the country for more than 25 years. The strips will be released in in chronological order in three sub-sets: the 1940s Golden Age, the 1950s Atomic Age, and the 1960s Silver Age.

The first book will follow 170 comic strips released in Sunday papers from May 9, 1943 through August 4th 1946, in the exact order as they were released.  For the fans of Superman, preservation is our word of the day!

IDW editor Dean Mullaney says “We’re printing the series in an oversized 9.25” x 12” format, so that readers can fully enjoy these glorious full-color tabloid Sundays.” Each book will come with an introduction by Mark Waid, and a cover illustration by Peter Poplaski.

Most intriguing is the World War II themed stories in the first volume.  Here’s the description from IDW:

The stories include the complete “Superman’s Service to Servicemen” series, which ran from late Summer of 1943 until a few months after the Second World War ended. In these human interest tales, Superman responds to requests from men and women of the armed services, as well as their family members back home. In supporting troop morale, Superman travels from the Mediterranean theatre to the bleak Aleutian Islands to the steamy South Pacific. He helps a wounded Army Air Corps pilot return home to witness the birth of his twins; solves numerous romantic misunderstandings; checks up on mothers for their worried sons overseas…while simultaneously stopping enemy torpedoes, bombs, and bullets!

Be on the lookout for this book in December.


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