Who You Gonna Call….. Transformers!

By kastor417 - September 4, 2019

Hasbro sent us a mash up two of the greatest 80’s franchises ever for SDCC this year, Transformers and Ghostbusters and a perfect SDCC exclusive. 

The original leader of the Autobots gets mashed up with another famous 80’s property, Ghostbusters. This Master Piece Optimus Prime is tricked out in white and red to match the famous colors of the Ghostbusters, and retains all his Transformers parts, right down to the Matrix of Leadership.Everything is there from the MP version, except the human to ride in the little cart from the trailer. He is listed in the instructions, but we don’t get Spike in this pack. It is a shame too considering he could be been decked out in GB gear. This is my first Mp version of a character, I have been able to live with the general releases up until now, this figure is a game changer for me. I was expecting a complex transformation, but this was almost as smooth as my G1 figure.

Like the main idea of Transformers everything has a second form, right down to the packaging. The box will double as a proton pack, while the little cart doubles as a ghost trap to capture Slimer, who is included in this set.

We asked John Warden at SDCC if there would be more crossovers and though he could no answer at the time, the recent announcement of Hasbro getting the Ghostbusters license all but confirms we will see more. If you can track this down, get him. He is worth it for all the 80’s feels he produces alone.

Thank you again to Hasbro for this review figure.

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