Goodsmile Company’s Nendoroid Justice Edition Batman is Adorable Beyond Words

By jayq - December 27, 2016

nendoroid-justice-batmanNormally you use words like brooding, gritty, or other butt kicking verbiage to describe Batman. However, with Goodsmile Company’s Nendoroids you can’t help but to call them adorable.

nen3Nendoroids are small chibi versions of the actual character or actor, and they are so well done that you cannot help but want them. Nendoroids are all numbered upon release so there are MANY to choose from and hunt down. Justice Edition Batman is number 628 in the set. There is a Superman version as well that was released to accompany this Batman figure.

Nendoroids stand just under 5 inches tall and come with a few accessories. This one came with two batarangs, two hands to hold the batarangs, a base, a Bat-signal, and a translucent effect go attach to the signal.  The figure is top heavy due to the big ole head on them so you will need the base to help keep him upright. There is articulation to him that will allow you some ability to pose. It is short range of motion of the arms, elbows, legs, and knees.

Paint is well done on this figure. The suit has a nice gun metal grey with some flake in that helps it pop. The detail to the Bat-signal is amazing given its the size of about a dime. When you add the translucent light effect to the signal it as well has some paint detail that is impressive.

After un boxing this figure I will eventually get the Superman to have the set. This Nendoroid Batman retails for about $45-55 on the secondary market, closer to $50 if your local comic shop can still order it.

JQ gives this little bundle of amazing a 8.9/10.

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