The Goonies Sequel Has Been Confirmed

By bill - April 11, 2014

goonies-featThe Goonies will be the next beloved (?) 80s movie getting the sequel/ reboot treatment.

So, it looks like the long-mentioned Goonies sequel is moving forward.  It was confirmed earlier this week by Richard Donner, who directed the first one and will produce this one, along with Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus.  And the original cast will likely be back, as the news was also confirmed by Corey Feldman on Twitter:

GOONIES 2:FACT OR FICTION? I hav[e] been hounded incessantly since this “rumor” hit the press 24 hrs ago! Literally thousands of tweets [and] FB messages. Unfortunately I can’t be the one to GIVE you an official answer, however I will gladly share what I do know. I ran [into] my good friend Dick Donner a few months ago. He told me the exact same thing. I normally wouldn’t share that convoersation, but since he made it public, I can verify: the statement as he said “Steven [Spielberg and] I R doin it together”, and mentioned something about Chris Columbus helping out. He also said he wanted us all in it. However, I have yet to see a script, so I remain skeptical. As uoi know the idea has been recycled four yrs, but it can’t be done w/o a perfect script! We all must be certain that it doesn’t miss the magic of the original. That said Dick is one of the few men in this industry yhat I LOVE [and TRUST as he is a great, honest, and Noble man, who has always been there 4 me in my life, and would not tell a lie! So if he says it’s close, then I believe they are workin hard to make it the best script possible and if and when they feel confident to share with us, you will know!

Sp yes, it seems like this project is rolling forward, and if the old cast is back it lends some veracity to the idea that this story would focus on the adult Goonies and their kids.

I’m pretty okay with this.  The original creative team is back on board, and of all the 80s properties being resurrected, I have more nostalgia for the Goonies than most of them.

I’ll admit, though, that comes from a place of not seeing the movie in a number of years– the sequel news seems to have drudged up quite a bit of hatred for the first movie on line, which caught me off guard.  I always assumed it was universally adored, but I guess there’s a bigger divide in Goonies fandom than I thought.

Maybe I’d switch sides if I watched the movie again as a (mostly) grown up.  Or maybe the sequel will rob the magic of the original?  But for right now, I’ll happily, blindly remain Team Goonies, and hope for the best with this sequel.

Source: Indie Wire

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