To The Gotham Sewers!

By kastor417 - April 20, 2016

Killer Croc Animated Kastors KornerKiller Croc is attacking the New Adventures Dynamic Duo in the DC Collectibles line. As the animated line evolves the figures become better and better. This is no doubt a collectors line, and this figure proves that fact. The simplistic look of Killer Croc in the New Adventures cartoon is translated into this figure form with some changes from the previous larger figures. Bane had issues standing, with the knee and ankle joints not being able to support the larger up torso, but this has been addressed in Croc. From the hips down there is limited articulation, and at first glance I was disappointed, but the lack of knees helps. The ankles are still weak, but the knees help balance the figure. There is a fine line in these joints;  too tight they crack too loose the figure falls. We can go round and round with this issue but it is in the fault of Timm’s designs and collectors need to have exact reproductions of those designs.

The paint and plastic used creates a vibrant look that makes these figures pop. Included with Croc is Baby Doll, is partner and sometime girlfriend. Because of her size she has limited articulation, and can’t hold her accessories. She has a baby bottle and ball, but they are too big for her little hands. Croc has a stack of cash, a few extra hands, and a full chicken.

As a whole this is a great value for what you get in the box, but the issues with joints will divide collectors. It has not stopped me from buying the line, and the adjustments made by DC Collectibles are why I keep coming back. I know they listen and care about making better figures, so putting up with a few issues is worth supporting the line.

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