The Governor Mounts His Assault At Comic Con

By bill - July 25, 2013

governor-featSkybound and McFarlane Toys teamed up to deliver a great variant to the main heavy of The Walking Dead universe to Comic Con.

The latest comic style Walking Dead action figures just dropped a few weeks ago, but McFarlane Toys still offered a special supplemental figure to fans at Comic Con.  The Governor figure for sale at the SDCC Skybound booth saw a great variant of the maniacal villain, decked out in the bloody riot gear he wore during his attack on the prison.

Governor SDCC 5True to the comic appearance, this version of The Governor does not include the basic edition’s alternate arm and head– the battle ready Phillip only comes with his arm stump and eyepatched/ ear bandaged portrait.  The figure is actually a very smart reuse of these parts from The Governor, and the armored suit from the riot gear Glenn, and it makes for a logical and cool looking new variant.

While the Governor’s armor is not new, the deco– with an ample blood spray adorning the suit– makes it look unique, and the body still features all the great articulation we saw on Glenn.  I couldn’t help but laugh at Phillip’s twin pistols with holsters– I guess he could still use one of them, at least… but he also includes a hyper bloody version of Michonne’s katana as well as an all new piece, his bullhorn.  He can hold any of the gear quite well in his left hand, and the lack of a collar on his armor gives his head a much wider range than the basic Governor’s restrictive vest.

I’ve been a huge fan of McFarlane’s comic style work on The Walking Dead since the beginning, and the riot gear Governor is the latest cool figure in the collection.  I’m happy to have another unique spin on the major player in the comic story, and he looks totally ready to bring the fight to Rick Grimes and his band of survivors.

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