Granamyr Was Worth The Wait

By junior - January 23, 2013

I am having a déjà vu of sorts. It was this time last year that the 2011 MOTUC line finished in style with the exciting Wind Raider. Now Granamyr, the oldest and wisest dragon of Darksmoke, has graced my doorstep (albeit delayed) courtesy of Matty Collector.  He had a lot of expectations to live up to… so does this year-ender capture the same magic as the Wind Raider?

Granamyr is a figure that I never thought would happen. It is way too easy to get a He-Man variant or maybe a dragon statue… but to receive a fully posable Granamyr figure is even more profound than a Shadow Weaver. At least she was expected– to fathom that a character as large and unique as Granamyr could be created was nothing more than a hopeful wish. He’s 23″ at full stance, with an articulated neck, shoulders, ball-elbows, ball-wrists, ball-knees, ball-wings, tail, and ball-ankles. This dragon means business. The Four Horsemen deserve a world of praise for getting this amazing piece utterly perfect in accuracy and detail! Yet another crown jewel that will color and diversify any Masters display!

I would say there are minuses, but given how exceptional Granmyr is, they really are better considered “warnings and precautions.”  The dragon was supposed to be 20% larger, and shrunk due to budget. This is the biggest letdown, but seeing how well he still towers over the Eternians, it’s not so glaring. Secondly, he comes unassembled, so of course there are reported issues of the ports cracking at the tail and limbs. I used a blow dryer and softened the plastic before popping any limbs and it did the job serviceably. The right knee appears connected badly, however– the pin is there and it moves well, but I think the pin was driven through the softer rotocast plastic at an imprecise spot. It does not hamper articulation significantly, and with him sitting with his arms resting over his lap, one would never know. My sympathies for those with broken dragons, but if you can stomach the ridiculous exchange process at Matty Collector, a great reward awaits.

I am an accessory and option-oriented kind of collector. I would have loved to see a hinged jaw, a fire-breath attachment, and a flight stand, although I honestly couldn’t fathom a better way to pose him than sitting regally, patiently, and still dwarfing the other Masters on my shelf. Granamyr shows us just how much more amazing the giants could have been if they received this level of attention.  This is such a high note to end 2012! If only he wasn’t delayed until it hit my doorstep on January 12th.

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