It’s a Griswold Family Reunion!

By bill - April 14, 2015

vacation-featGrown-up Rusty poses with his mom and dad in a new photo from the Vacation reboot.

I hate to admit it when I know I’m being played, but man, sometimes nostalgia just kicks in.  Not that I was against the idea of rebooting the Vacation movies– now starring Ed Helms as an adult Rusty who takes his own family on a cross-country trip to revisit Wally World– but seeing Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo back in character as the Griswolds hits that perfect sweet spot that makes me very excited to see this movie.

Will it be any good?  Who knows!  It’s being directed by Sam Weir, so there’s that.

Word has it, Clark and Ellen will not have major roles in the new movie… Rusty’s family paying them a visit will be one of the stops on their road trip.  Which I am confident will be dull and uneventful, with no calamity or dead relatives or skinny dipping taking place with any member of Rusty’s family.

The new Vacation has actually been moved up from an October release to late July, so I’m guessing we’ll see a trailer before too long.  I’m legitimately hopeful for this one.  How about you?


Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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